Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome to my beauty blog

Hello! I am joining the beauty community finally. This is so exciting and kind of scared at the same time. Mostly excitement though.

It takes me a long time to finally decide to start a beauty blog. I have been reading beauty blogs for some time already. It is always tempting to try to make my own chanel and blog. They all seem to have so much fun and really enjoy what they do. I don't know what's holding me back. I guess I just don't have the courage to do it. And everyone says it's especially hard when you first start. Today, it hits me that I should actually do it. I mean, the biggest loss I could have is time and disappointment. If no one is interested in my blog, I would seem to waste my time writing it. However, if this is what I am interested in doing, it is not a waste of time after all. The bigger problem is disappointment. What if blogging is unlike what I imagine? What if I don't enjoy it? But I reckon I have to risk feeling it because I am truly intrigued to do this. At least I can say "I came I saw", I just didn't conquer.

I know more and more people are switching to watch youtube videos instead. However, I just don't feel like doing it. Maybe in the future I will feel comfortable doing it. However, I'm too timid to talk in front of a camera at this moment. Moreover, I'd rather write and practice my writing skills while doing something I like.

A disclaimer I need to make first: I am a native Hong Kong. So English is obviously not my first language. There might be countless grammatical mistake in my blog but I would still like to post in English. I treat this a way to practice my English as well.  Maybe I will consider doing both Chinese and English post later on, depending on my readers (hopefully there will be some eventually). I just don't want anyone to think that I am pretending to be an ABC or anything. I am not.

So I will post my first beauty post real soon. Feel free to leave me comments and be friends. I'm so excited!


  1. Best of luck to you-it's always a scary thing to start a blog but it's the best thing ever!

    1. Thank you! I'm really excited. You have a lovely blog. Very nice drawings!