Monday, 15 September 2014

Review: Bath & Body Works Body Lotion

As September has arrived, we have to say goodbye to the summer. Sweater weather is coming! I'm so excited! The sun and the beach is all amazing, but I'm starting to get bored wearing tank tops and shorts. I'm totally ready for some layering action and cozy sweaters. One huge down side of autumn and winter is that our skin gets so dry and itchy! So I have this idea to review several body moisturizers to get us prepared for the dryer months.

Today I'm reviewing the body lotion from Bath & Body Works which contains vitamin e, jojoba & shea butter. It claims to give you hydration without the greasy feeling, leave your skin feeling soft and nourished which works perfectly as a daily moisturizer. The one I'm using right now is in the Rainkissed Leaves scent. It smells crisp and fresh, quite a nice summer scent actually. I have also finished several bottles of other scents as well and they all smell quite nice and summery.

So does it moisturize my skin well?

I have used it two ways. First, I used it after shower when my body is still wet. Then I patted my skin dry with a towel. My skin felt so soft after using it. It worked similarly to the body conditioner that Lush offers. I love the Lush one a lot but it's just a bit pricey for what it is. So the Bath & Body works totally gets a point. I have also used it as a regular lotion and it worked too. I find it totally live up to its claim of being absorbed quickly. I never felt greasy after using it.

I think it works perfectly for the summer time as it is not sticky and most fruity scents I tried are very summery. However, I don't think it is moisturize enough to survive us the winter. I don't have particular dry skin so I'm okay with it. But I doubt if people with dryer skin would find it sufficient. So I would only recommend it to people with normal skin. Or I would also suggest to use it as a hand cream. I like keeping one on my desk so I can type but still be moisturized.

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