Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Review: ELF Studio Blush

Who says only expensive makeup can do the trick? There're definitely some hidden gems in the drugstore! Today I'm reviewing the ELF (Eyeslipsface) studio blush which is only USD$3!

I have two shades of the studio blush, pink passion and mellow mauve. Both of them are matte which is amazing. I find most drugstore brushes are just way too shimmery. Pink passion is a bright hot pink and mellow mauve is a neutral mauve. Honestly, I haven't been using the mellow mauve because I'm just totally in love with pink passion! It is very pigmented so you definitely need to tap off the excess of the brush before applying it. It gives you a healthy pink on your cheeks which is so pretty in the summer time. But I think it works just as well in winter. It reminds me of the pink cheeks you get after walking on a cold and windy street. SO PRETTY!

Also, I find it to be rather long-lasting. I barely need any touching-up even after 7 hours of wear. It is a bit powdery though when you tap in your brush. But I can totally live with that given it's only 3 bucks! The packaging is quite nice, very Nars-like. But it has a small clear panel on the lid so you can easily see the color.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. I think it's a total steal. And there're so many colors and different degree of shimmer in their line. You'll surely find one you like. ELF sometimes does amazing discount and you may get the blush half-priced! I just can't say no to that!

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